A Nightmare on Elm Street

By 25th August 2009 No Comments

Horror man Wes Craven writes and directs the original cult classic in the “Elm Street series”. Heather Langenkamp stars alongside a then unknown Johnny Depp in what was the Pirates of the Caribbean actors’ first feature film. Robert Englund plays Freddy Krueger in what has turned out to be his most famous role.

When a group of high school kids all suspiciously dream about dying at the hands of the same man there initial thoughts are that it’s a strange coincidence and take it very lightly. That is until one of them actually dies, that is when the suspicion becomes a very painful reality as they each die one by one every time someone goes to sleep, leaving only Nancy to face the evil Freddy Krueger alone. Before Nancy stands up to her “Nightmare” she discovers the reason for his rampage is revenge for his own death caused by the parents of her deceased friends and her own parents.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is clearly the best in the series; it has a very good plot and a great director behind this completely original idea. I do have to point out the holes the script contains as well as the bad acting on display, mainly by Heather Langenkamp who really “hams it up” for her role as Nancy.