Attack The Block

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Attack the Block introduces us to a ragtag bunch of youths as they begin to mug a defenceless nurse, only to later run into some kind of strange creature roaming about their manor. As they realise that the strange half dog, half gorilla like creature is in fact just one of a whole host of aliens that are trying to kill them for some reason, they have a choice: run and hide, or group together and protect their block from attack.

As they meet up with others, re-encounter the nurse, and try to figure out how to stop the invading creatures, we learn more about their personalities and lives, seeing through the original image we had of them as mindless thugs.

Attack The Block is both thought provoking and comedic, a difficult balance to achieve, and though some viewers may require subtitles and Urban Dictionary open on a laptop in order to understand what it is going on, it paints a realistic picture of the lives of certain members of British society. While some have expressed disgust at the idea of being able to empathize with characters that start off the film with violence, the point of the movie is to see a little deeper into their lives and realise that while no one is truly good, no one is truly bad either.

The way the characters develop is great, allowing us to pick our favourites and root for them right the way to the end. Overall the concept is a brilliant one, and though older audiences may just feel a disconnect with the more youth-orientated plot and characters it is an entertaining watch. Attack The Block is worth a try for sure, if only to catch some of that brilliant Nick Frost/Edgar Wright/Joe Cornish humour and realise just how little you know about how Londoners really speak these days.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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