Black Christmas

By 17th June 2006 No Comments

Christmas is a time for happiness and through the years we’ve been treated to a whole host of films that have help spread the cheer for all the world to enjoy. That is until Black Christmas was made in 1974, of course. This gruesome horror movie shows the potential dark side of a usually wonderful season.

It’s Christmas break, and the sorority sisters are preparing for a wonderful time of relaxation and festive cheer. However, the girls are getting worrying phone calls from a stranger who is frightening them with his strange voices (Scream, anyone?)

When Claire goes missing the girls are worried and decide to contact the police; unfortunately for them the authorities take the situation lightly… Until everybody starts dying, that is. One-by-one the girls begin dropping like flies and Jessica begins to suspect her boyfriend, who hasn’t been in the best of moods after finding out she’s aborting their child.

I was expecting the worst from this “slasher movie” and was pleasantly surprised to find this wasn’t just any old horror film. Black Christmas had some great suspense-filled scenes and slowly turned into more of a mystery than anything else. The acting was a little poor at times, but the plot and style of filming that director Bob Clark used is absolutely second to none.