Brewster’s Millions

By 25th June 2009 No Comments

Late comedic actors John Candy and Richard Pryor star in this outrageous comedy written by the team behind Trading Places. John Candy sadly passed away in 1994 after suffering a heart attack and Richard Pryor died in 2005 after suffering with ill health for the majority of his life, again from a heart attack.

Montgomery Brewster (Pryor) is a down-and-out baseball player who discovers that he’s the only living relative of an eccentric multi-millionaire. Monty stands to inherit $300 million, but only if he can spend $30 million in one month without acquiring any assets. If he fails, it’s back to zero again. On hand to help Pryor spend the loot is John Candy who plays his best friend Spike Nolan.

Despite the cast on hand, Brewster’s Millions isn’t as funny as I was initially expecting. The plot and script were pretty weak, and if it wasn’t for Pryor then it probably would have been a disaster. Yes it does give you the occasional chuckle but definitely doesn’t compare to some of the other films Candy and Pryor have done in the past.