Cars 2

By 9th January 2013 No Comments

With Toy Story 3 finely seeing out the end of last year, Disney Pixar decided to raid deep into their closet for another franchise to milk, bringing┬áCars 2┬áto the cinematic race track; five years after the original sped across our screens. Returning to the wheel we have Owen Wilson back as “Lightning McQueen” and the ever humorous Larry the Cable Guy back as the loveable tow truck “Mater”.

Full of flashy talking cars and lots of silly voices (much like the first really) this movie is great family fun – albeit more suited to the younger audience.

New to the hot seat we have Michael Caine lending us his ever versatile vocal talents, alongside Eddie Izzard, John Turturro and Emily Mortimer. All involved put their 10 pence in, and do what was required of them. That being said I can’t Cars 2 making the bill when the Academy Awards start to short-list the best animated films of the year, not by a long stretch of road.

This family fun ride takes the loveable engines to the far east to put their speedometers to the ultimate test in the first ever World Grand Prix. Lightning McQueen is naturally the fans favourite and looks to be in pole position to maintain his title as “worlds fastest car”. However this would not justify the running time were it not for a few bumps in the road, Mater branches out from towing cars, and tries his gears at some espionage – accidentally of course! Hot on Lightning McQueens’ tail is a new model fast becoming a chip in his paintwork.

The animation in Cars 2 is naturally superb, but surely we come to expect this now and have done since the original release of Toy Story way back in 1995. With technology drastically improving with every year that passes (let alone 15 years), is the animation really something people are astounded by when seeing movies of this stature?

With an all star (or is it car) cast, humorous gags and fun for all the family, this is well a watch especially for those with young children.

Despite my overall praise, I didn’t personally enjoy Cars 2; but perhaps that’s because I’m a 22 year old man who went to see this with a girl with only one thing in mind. However, if you have young children who play with Hot Wheels and Scalextric you’re undoubtedly onto a winner with this one.