Casino Royale

By 15th November 2006 No Comments

It’s finally here, the 21st Bond movie has arrived and is packing a punch. Casino Royale stars Bond newcomer Daniel Craig who is officially the sixth actor to portray the British secret agent. There has been a mixed response to this new “style” of Bond, however I think it’s very effective. If they tried to recreate the Connery image or the witty Bond that Roger Moore was, it would’ve been bad.

Newly promoted 00 agent James Bond’s first mission is to enter a high stakes poker game (funded by the British government) to stop a banker called Le Chiffre who will use his winnings to fund terrorist organizations. Knowing that failure will result in tragic consequences MI6 hire attractive accountant Vesper Lynd to keep a watchful eye on 007. At first Bond’s charm fails to woo Vesper, but after braving danger together (including a great torture scene at the hands of Le Chiffre) there interests in one another deepen.

Being a hardcore Bond fan I was apprehensive about the new angle that they were going for with Casino Royale. It’s not Bond as we know him, but I think that’s a good thing. Daniel Craig’s depiction of the character is more violent than any other but he still has a certain class about him that does breathe new life into the role. I did sorely miss the beginning “walk on, turn and shoot” and the old Bond music (which only appears during the credits), but I think it was wise not to include Q as he would have been too much of a connection to the old ones.

Craig is no match for Connery but does a very good job in Casino Royale, and considering this is his 007 début I think we can certainly cut him a little slack.