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Writer and director Kevin Smith was a mere store clerk himself when he made Clerks. Smith loved film and did everything he could to make this piece of cinema history a reality. Clerks has an outrageously low budget and the cast are pretty much just friends and family, but slowly and surely however this film has built a cult following. Characters Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith respectively) have also grown extremely popular over the years and have frequently appeared in Smith’s other films.

Dante Hicks works at the Quick Stop convenience store in New Jersey, when he is called into work on his day off things go from bad to worse. First he has a gum salesman try and cause a cigarette rebellion and then he has his girlfriend nagging him about his future (as well as a certain sex discussion that he really didn’t need). Dante does have company though so all is not lost, video store clerk Randal Graves regularly leaves his store for a series of interesting conversations. Dante’s day takes a turn for the worse when his ex has a post in the newspaper claiming an engagement, but when she stops by he is forced to stop “dodging bullets” and actually make some life changing decisions.

Clerks is extremely funny in so many ways; the simplicity of the plot gives the characters a realistic edge to the film and the dialogue is absolutely brilliant and well written by Smith. From the infamous Star Wars debate to the hilarious “37 times” discussion, the dialogue is what is responsible for the success it has become and separates it from your average comedy. Kevin Smith happens to be one of my favourite film-makers and remains an inspiration of mine, Clerks is a great comedy and a landmark in the genre.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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