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Click is a 2006 film produced by, and starring Adam Sandler. It is primarily a comedy, but contains strong aspects of the drama and fantasy genre, Sandler’s usual style rarely consists of drama, and when it does it is often a failed attempt. The film consists of a great supporting cast, including Underworld’s Kate Beckinsale and former Knightrider and Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff.

Christopher Walken, Henry Winkler and Sean Astin make up the rest of a rather mismatched group of actors that all perform very well. Click did reasonably well at the box-office, grabbing the number 1 spot in the USA and earning $155 million worldwide. The film also earned an academy award nomination for best make-up, and has generally been given good reviews, despite many considering it a remake of It’s a Wonderful Life due to numerous similarities, however it hasn’t been officially declared as a remake.

Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is a workaholic architect with a loving wife and two adorable children, however he seems to be with his work more than his family, and although his intentions are to make life better for them, he’s missing out due to never being around. One night Michael goes to a store in search of a universal remote control, when he goes into the back room he meets Morty (Christopher Walken), an eccentric inventor who has just the remote control Michael needs. This remote control somehow controls life, Michael can now pause, stop, fast forward and rewind people and life, with hilarious consequences.

A tool this powerful can get out of control when in the wrong hands, and Michael’s extensive use of the fast-forward button leads to him missing crucial moments in his life, and taking him ever closer to the inevitable end. He has to obviously remedy what has been done, and therefore attempts to figure out a way to reverse the changes that the remote has done.

I found Click to be a really good film, Sandler shows his ability to actually act rather than play the fool. This film contains messages that can hit home with most people, and I was really surprised to find such drama in an Adam Sandler film, let alone drama that is performed very well. Obviously the film is also very funny, and David Hasselhoff played his character of Sandler’s boss to perfection; his arrogance, ignorance and self indulgence had me laughing my head off.

The film is clearly overlooked, and I can certainly say in all honesty I really enjoyed it; however I wasn’t too keen on the “It’s a Wonderful Life” remake ideas that are going around… I mean, Click was good, this much cannot be denied; but it isn’t THAT good. I found it enjoyable in its own right, but to call it a remake leads to comparisons that will only end badly. Click was thoroughly enjoyable, and I hope to see Adam Sandler trying out similar dramatic roles, as he was very good.