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Commando is a 1985 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano. This was Schwarzenegger’s first film after his huge success with The Terminator, and the first of many of his films to have his surname directly above the title on the poster. The film went down very well with the public, Schwarzenegger well and truly stamped his name on the action genre after this, and would be a “peoples favourite” for a long time, having a string of financially successful films. Commando grossed over $50 million dollars worldwide and has often been defined as one of Schwarzenegger’s great 1980’s action films.

Colonel John Matrix is retired from the army, and he’s living in the mountains of California with his 11-year-old daughter Jenny. Jenny is kidnapped by Bennett, one of John’s former soldiers. Bennett’s boss, exiled Latin American dictator Arius, demands that John assassinate the president of Arius’s country so Arius can reinstate himself as dictator. John is put on a southbound aeroplane with a guard, but before the aeroplane can take off, John snaps the guard’s neck, jumps off of the aeroplane, and sets out to locate Jenny. While John is tracking down Arius and Bennett, John enlists the help of a young woman named Cindy. As John and Cindy close in on the island where Jenny is being held, they are confronted by hordes of men who work for Arius and Bennett. But John is willing to do anything to rescue Jenny, even if it means the start of a one man World War III.

Despite not being a masterpiece, far from it actually, Commando is top class entertainment in all its glory. Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfect as the father with a “view to a kill” and boy does he kill, he kills an incredible 93 people on screen throughout the entire film and using 18 different weapons in total. Alyssa Milano who played his daughter Jenny, is now in hit supernatural US TV show Charmed. I personally love this movie, and find the high octane action to be great; the flaw is probably the acting of Rae Dawn Chong, who just annoyed me with her wooden approach. Apart from that Commando is a fantastically fun, and very enjoyable film.