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Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wrote and directed this action packed train ride of awesome, starring Jason Statham and Amy Smart. Crank has often been referred to as “Grand Theft Auto on the big screen”. The plot and action are reminiscent to many video games, and the film makes frequent references to video arcade games. The opening credits feature 1980’s-style video game graphics and include an arcade-style high-score screen, with the first four entries being FUC, YOU, ASS, HOL, in that order. After the end credits, a video game sequence shows Chev running around and shooting gangsters, then dying in the street. A blinking message then reads, “Insert coin to continue.”

Professional assassin Chev Chelios (Statham) wakes up to discover that he has been poisoned, and unless he stays active at all times, keeping his heart rate up, he will die. So now his only thoughts are revenge against those responsible, and along the way causing a LOT of damage and “kicking some ass.”

There are some fabulous car chases, which includes driving through a shopping centre, and numerous death defying car stunts to keep the heart pumping. He gets into a brawl with 20 men, takes cocaine, drinks a lot of Red Bull and consumes a large intake of adrenaline pills. He ends up having to protect his girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart), and she comes in handy when he has “urges” to keep his heart rate up, via sex in broad daylight, in the middle of the street. With assistance from Kaylo and Doctor Miles, he ends up finally confronting those responsible, which results in a explosive showdown and some surprising twists.

If you’re looking for an Oscar worthy masterpiece, then sadly you’ve come to the wrong place, as Crank is certainly no “Departed” or “Blood Diamond”. However, if like me you occasionally want a fast paced action thriller that breaks all the rules, and has all the ingredients of an energetic, over the top, adrenaline pumped extreme insanity, then you won’t find a better film than Crank. It contains brutal violence, drug use, sex, nudity and best of all a hard as nails tough guy who won’t be messed with. When you sprinkle some witty humour on top of all that you’ve got a real gem on your hands. I found Crank to be a thoroughly enjoyable, and highly entertaining experience that I would definitely recommend to those who want to sit back and “enjoy the ride”.