Cube Zero

By 25th October 2009 No Comments

2004’s Cube Zero is an apparent third instalment of a “Cube trilogy”, I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing “Cube” and “Cube 2: Hypercube” but I would like to. This one being the third got terrible reviews in comparison to the original and unfortunately went straight to DVD, but don’t let that put you off just yet.

Zachary Bennett plays a young man called Eric Wynn whose job is to watch over prisoners inside “the Cube” with a colleague whom he has grown to be friends with. This Cube is a sort of prison, where criminals have apparently chosen to be “test subjects” inside the cube rather than face the death penalty. The cube is basically a maze with the majority of the rooms containing “booby traps”, there are two official exits and a third one that remains secret.

When Eric comes across a prisoner that doesn’t have any records of a criminal past he starts to question the motives of the “people upstairs” and attempts a daring rescue mission that puts his own life and the life of his friend in jeopardy.

I found the story in Cube Zero to be very compelling, so much that it left me (a usually conflicted viewer where sci-fi in concerned) full of intrigue and a desire to find out more. I am unable to compare it to any previous films, therefore I am only full of praise for Cube Zero. I thought the “gory moments” were great and Zachary Bennett was wonderful as was the ending done very well and left me very hungry for more; Cube and the sequel Cube 2 are definitely on my rental list!

Some compare the storyline in Cube Zero and the first two flicks to the Saw series of films, but these did come first (by as many as 7 years). Forgetting the issue of “who was first” I personally don’t see the link; unless you count human traps to be a defining feature in a motion picture, of course.