Death Wish II

By 14th June 2010 No Comments

Death Wish II sees Charles Bronson return as vigilante Paul Kersey in the follow up to the smash hit film Death Wish; once again Michael Winner is at the helm of the picture bringing his directorial talents to a worthy sequel.

Paul Kersey now lives in L.A. with a new woman in his life and his daughter Carol still recovering from her attack. When Paul is mugged and fights back, the mugger wants to take revenge so along with his gang goes to Paul’s house. Paul is not home at the time however the housemaid is sexually attacked by all 5 of them, and when Carol comes home early they kidnap her and rape her. She commits suicide by leaping out of a window, Paul once again decides to take matters into his own hands and goes on a murderous rampage by hunting down the five men responsible and making them wish they’d never been born.

Death Wish II is a worthy sequel and despite not quite equalling the success of the first one it is a lot faster paced, giving this film more energy to it. Although more action is often welcomed they did seem to have withheld on the dramatic emotions that should have been an intimate part of the film.