Demolition Man

By 17th June 2009 No Comments

Action star Sylvester Stallone stars in this sci-fi action thriller with Wesley Snipes (in a pre-Blade role) and (a then unknown) Sandra Bullock. After a stint of unsuccessful Box Office returns in the early ’90’s, Demolition Man was considered somewhat of a comeback for Sylvester Stallone after huge success throughout the ’80’s he slumped with the disappointing Rocky V in 1990 and the extremely unsuccessful “comedy” Stop or my Mom Will Shoot.

John Spartan and his nemesis Simon Phoenix are imprisoned in cryogenic stasis. While in deep freeze John’s brain is filled with a love of knitting while Simon gains knowledge in computers, weapons and fighting techniques. The police force of the future is incapable of apprehending Simon after he escapes and the department is forced to wake John. He must cut his way through the totally different world he has awoken in while at the same time trying to find and capture Simon once and for all.

Demolition Man is great fun, and although it’s hardly Oscar worthy, it’s very entertaining and would be the perfect film for a Saturday night. The stunts and explosions are fabulous and Stallone and Snipes are both on top form as they square off in the ultimate “good vs. evil” battle.