Diamonds Are Forever

By 14th February 2012 No Comments

It’s now a week into our “20 days of 007” campaign and the next film is Diamonds Are Forever, which sees Sean Connery return to his most famous role.

The James Bond series was introduced to a new decade in this film; the 70’s would first see 007 in Las Vegas. With all it’s commercial glamour Las Vegas was a great location for this film, and of course the glamour doesn’t stop with the scenery. There are many beautiful women in Diamonds Are Forever, and of course we see the welcome return of Blofeld and another powerful theme tune from Shirley Bassey.

When James Bond 007 is sent to investigate mysterious goings on in the world diamond market, he soon discovers that his arch nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Charles gray) is behind it. However Blofeld isn’t Bonds only problem in Diamonds, he must also confront strange assassins Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd as well as Bambi and Thumper two psychotic ladies who appear to be more than a match for 007 in hand to hand combat.

Diamonds are Forever starts off very well however unfortunately it ends up being Connery’s worst outing as 007. That doesn’t mean it’s terrible, it just means that in comparison to Sean Connery’s other Bond outings this is below par (to say the least). Jill St. John does compensate by appearing in numerous outfits that leave little to the imagination.