Die Another Day

By 27th February 2012 No Comments

The very last day of our “20 Days of 007″ is here, and this time Die Another Day gets the Nerdscoop treatment. It has been a riveting experience for me to review all of these films, and though it certainly wasn’t the first time, it was truly a pleasure to watch them all back to back.

Die Another Day was Pierce Brosnan’s final appearance as James Bond 007 before Daniel Craig took over the reins into 2006 for Casino Royale. Pierce co-starred with Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry (she won the best actress award in 2001 for Monster’s Ball) who lends her acting talents to the beautiful American CIA agent Jinx. My favourite part of the film? That would be the stunning Rosamund Pike who provides an awesome performance as Miranda Frost.

An interesting piece of trivia for fans of Rosamund is that the actress was out of work for several years before being offered this role, and was actually in the process of applying for a sales floor job at a Waterstones book store in London. The main theme song is provided by the legend that is Madonna, and is pretty cool if I do say so myself; nothing like a Bond theme should be of course, but a great tune either way.

While on a mission in the heart of North Korea, James Bond is betrayed only to be captured and tortured until an eventual “bargained release” by MI6. Bond soon flees MI6 to commence his search for his “betrayer” which sees him encounter some new allies and enemies on his way, however not all is as it seems when he meets billionaire Gustav Graves (Toby Stevens).

Despite some great action sequences and Halle Berry in a bathing suit, Die Another Day is a huge disappointment. The special effects are completely over the top and the obvious use of CGI during a so called “stunt” completely sucked the essence of Bond out of this film. It features a ridiculously far-fetched plot which drags on for far too long; the only reason it isn’t completely destroyed is because Brosnan himself provides a wonderful performance. The script, direction and plot are what ruined this film.