Final Destination

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Final Destination is a horror film made in the year 2000, directed by James Wong and starring Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith and Seann William Scott. The plot is based on an unused episode of “The X Files” in which director Wong had been producer, writer and director for the majority of that particular season. The film also has some similarities to an episode of The Twilight Zone entitled “Twenty-Two”. Final Destination was a success having grossed $75 million worldwide, and spawned a further two sequels as-well as a series of popular novels also called “Final Destination”.

Alex (Devon Sawa) and his High School class were going to Paris, but after having a premonition of the plane exploding, he created a scene which caused 7 people (including him) thrown off the plane. Minutes after take-off the plane explodes and the survivors show fear and anger rather than gratitude towards Alex for him being the reason they weren’t on the plane. After this freak incident the survivors begin to deteriorate until it becomes apparent that there is no “cheating death”, Alex catches on to this and decides to make it his mission to defeat the odds and crack the “design”. A dark force seems to dislike the fact it has been defeated and therefore decides to cheat the system itself causing the people to die in otherwise improbable circumstances.

Final Destination is a highly entertaining horror film, keeping the viewer on edge with the films style of a subtle supernatural element, not going over the top, and giving it a spookier realistic edge. The film contained a lot of dark humour, and Seann William Scott played the nerdy clown of the group very well, while there were very darkly humorous incidents in the way a couple of the people died, being over the top and amusing. Unfortunately the acting in this film was very poor, being unbelievable and wooden, with perhaps the exceptions of Seann William Scott and Devon Sawa, but even they had their moments.