From Russia With Love

By 9th February 2012 No Comments

Our official “20 days of 007” celebrations continue with 1963’s blockbuster From Russia With Love, starring Scottish acting legend Sean Connery.

After the success of the first official Bond film Dr. No in 1962, the producers behind the series quickly signed Sean Connery on for another four films. This turned out to be an incredibly good move on their part as From Russia with Love achieved over double the box office takings of Dr No, and is often considered to be a far better film as a result.

This time 007 is sent to Turkey to locate a decoder that evil organisation SPECTRE have set as bait, in order to kill Bond to avenge the death of Dr. No. Used as a pawn in there deadly game Tatiana Romanova is assigned to unknowingly lure Bond to SPECTRE and lethal assassin Red Grant (Robert Shaw) is hired to eliminate Bond (in due course). The excellent fight sequence on the train is a great finale to an excellent film.

I think From Russia With LoveĀ is a brilliant follow up to Dr. No and is one of my personal favourites. It’s very well filmed and I adore the ending. Sean Connery is once again excellent and the plot is brilliant.