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Day 17 of our “20 days of 007” sees Pierce Brosnan make his début as British secret agent James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan was actually chosen for the role of James Bond in 1986 when production for “The Living Daylights” began, but his contract with TV series Remington Steele prevented him from doing so. As a result, the role went to Timothy Dalton instead. Goldeneye is considered by many to be one of the very best films in the Bond series and the extremely well-received first person shooter is thought of as one of the best Nintendo 64 games of all time, with the title being listed in pretty much every top 10 list across the industry. I wonder when we’ll see another 007 video game with such cultural impact?

Moving swiftly away from gaming and back to the topic at hand, the story behind the 16th motion picture in this epic series is definitely about average in quality. When a deadly satellite weapons system called “Goldeneye” is stolen from a Russian base, 007 is forced into action in order to find it and to save the world from a potentially catastrophic outcome. Faced with a ruthless Russian general, a crazy Russian woman who uses sexual pleasure to eliminate her enemies and a rogue MI6 agent 006 who knows Bond a little too well, 007 has got a lot on his plate.

Pierce Brosnan excels in Goldeneye as does Sean Bean who plays Alec Trevelyan 006. It has great special effects and is an all round great movie, this is Brosnan’s best Bond film by far and one of my personal favourite Bond films.