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To mark my 50th in a long list of consecutive film reviews I have decided to review one of my favourite films, Martin Scorsese’s epic gangster masterpiece Goodfellas. Filmed in 1990 and starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci (both regulars in Scorsese pictures), it was nominated for 6 Oscars but Joe Pesci was the only one to win for best supporting actor.

Based loosely on fact and loosely on the novel “Wise Guy”, Goodfellas is the story of lifelong gangster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and Hill himself actually participated in the creation of this film by being Scorsese’s advisor. Goodfellas begins with Henry Hill as kid and how that by the age of 12 he was running errands for the local mob boss to fulfil his desire of being a gangster. We then jump to him as a grown man, actually a gangster now we see the glamorous lifestyle through his eyes. However with the glamour comes pressure, pain and a binding loyalty that may seem harder to keep than it appears.

This film is a true masterpiece in every way the word can be defined, the cinematography, direction and acting are superb. The film is brutally realistic with it’s violence and drug use, and that draws you deeper into the film. The soundtrack is great and there’s some great dark humour thrown in to top off a wonderful participant to film history and popular culture.