High Noon

By 22nd March 2007 No Comments

Gary Cooper received an Academy award (Oscar) for his portrayal of Marshall Will Kane in 1952’s High Noon. Grace Kelly co-stars as the Marshalls new wife and Lloyd Bridges plays Deputy Marshall Harvey Pell, Lloyd Bridges ended up in the “Airplane” movies.

High Noon tells the story of a retiring Marshall who’s about to leave town with his new bride. Unfortunately for him he has to postpone these plans when a notorious outlaw whom he put in prison is returning to town with his gang seeking revenge. The Marshall seeks allies from the towns’ people with little success, so he ends up having to face him and his “troops” alone in what could be one of the best gunfights the western genre has ever witnessed.

Unfortunately this classic western is not yet available on DVD, but I was lucky enough to be able to source a VHS copy of it for the purposes of this review. Even with the quality of video and the age of High Noon, I still relished every minute and enjoyed a “cracking western”.