High Plains Drifter

By 17th December 2007 No Comments

Clint Eastwood stars in this very dark and surprisingly violent western. Trivia tells you that Clint wrote a letter to western legend John Wayne, shortly after the release of this film. The letter contained a paragraph of admiration for John and a personal request to co-star in a western with him. John swiftly wrote back an angry letter claiming that “High Plains Drifter” was too violent and stated that they would never be in a western together. They never were.

When a menacing “Drifter” (Clint Eastwood) comes into a mysterious town he’s bribed on his own terms to fend off a trio of criminals. With dark humour and gritty violence and an amazing twist this western will have you gripped throughout.

I really liked High Plains Drifter, it was executed extremely well and Eastwood seems to combine the Dirty Harry “humour” with the spaghetti western’s quick-drawing cowboy.