Hostel: Part III

By 16th August 2013 No Comments

A direct to video release in late 2011, Hostel: Part III is a horror sequel produced and directed by Scott Spiegel.

In the same vein as the previous films Hostel Part III begins with a young American lad entering a cheap looking accommodation, he enters his room to find an Eastern European couple who haven’t checked out yet. The man, Victor, is a mountain of a man and his wife Anka is scantily dressed in underwear. Victor offers the American boy vodka – to which he declines having brought his own beer which he then offers the couple.

Naturally a twist comes within the first 5 minutes with the couple passing out from the drugged beer and end up in a cell that Anka is then dragged from only to be tortured and killed by the highest bidder. The film then follows a group of lads on a bachelor party who then get put into similar situations, and although the killings have had the gore factor increased the third in the series is far too much of the same story.

Viewers know what to expect which is probably why Hostel: Part III went straight to DVD. Worth a rent at the very least though.