Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

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Forget Cheech & Chong, forget Morcambe & Wise, forget Batman & Robin, and definitely forget Lucas & Walliams. There’s only one “dynamic duo” and they are bad mouthed stoners Jay and Silent Bob. Writer, Director and Co-star (Silent Bob) Kevin Smith has created if not his best film, definitely his funniest film in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”.

The story centres around a reasonably well-known comic book “Bluntman and Chronic”, which is based on Jay & Silent Bob. Miramax decide to make a big screen adaptation of it, and naturally as with all films it is being bad mouthed over the internet. Jay & Silent Bob decide to go on a journey from New Jersey to Hollywood in an attempt to boycott the film. With hilarious cameos from Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Rock, Jason Biggs, Will Ferrell and Seann William Scott this comedy will have you laughing right up until the credits.

I love Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, it never ceases to make me laugh no matter how often I watch it. I have always been an admirer of Kevin Smith as he made his own fame with the amazing “Clerks” and is now a very well respected film maker.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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