Jingle All The Way

By 7th November 2009 No Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this fun festive film, Schwarzenegger who was a regular of the action genre has stepped into comedy a couple of times with Twins, Junior and action comedy Last Action Hero. Twins being the most successful of those films, Arnold has had a mixed response toward his comedic angle, and Jingle All The Way received an awful lot of criticism upon it’s release.

When Howard Langston misses his son receiving his blue belt in karate, it would appear that is son had been let down one to many times by his “busy” father. Feeling extremely guilty about his persistent failure as a father, Howard promises to get his son anything he wants for Christmas, unfortunately what his son wants is the most popular toy in America and is going to be a nearly impossible to get so close to Christmas. So Howard sets off on a journey to give hi son the best Christmas ever, along the way he meets a desperate mail man who is in a similar situation, he nearly gets arrested three times, has a fight with a load of conmen dressed as Santa and attempts theft from a child.

Despite it’s completely daft ending and it’s cliché message I really enjoyed Jingle All The Way. There were some very funny moments and Schwarzenegger had a great supporting cast to work with, and although it’s not brilliant it is great fun and provides great family entertainment.