Just My Luck

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Just My Luck is a 2006 romantic comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine, it is directed by Donald Petrie who has had directorial successes with “How to lose a guy in 10 days” and “Miss Congeniality” starring Sandra Bullock. British band McFly provide the majority of the soundtrack and make notable appearances in the film, they also have speaking roles in the film as well as many musical performances. Lindsay Lohan received her highest pay package for this film with an astounding $7.5 million, yet despite this, Just My Luck is also her lowest grossing film taking in little over $30 million worldwide.

The film focuses on Ashley (Lohan) and Jake (Pine) who are on complete opposite sides of the scale of luck and good fortune. Ashley has to be the luckiest girl in the world, everything goes her way, she gets promoted at work, meets a very handsome man in a lift who ends up taking her on a date and seems to have a knack for winning scratch cards. Where as Jake has the worst luck in the world, he gets splashed by cars going through puddles, he gets arrested for what appeared to be an attempted rape, but was actually an accidental fall onto another woman and is just unlucky. However when they meet one another at a masquerade party and kiss, there fortunes reverse, now Jake is very lucky and Ashley isn’t. When she eventually figures out that there kiss reversed the fortunes she is faced with many predicaments because she has become fond of Jake but also wants her own life to get back to its winning ways.

Just My Luck was a very amusing film; it had a lot of funny moments and combined with a very heart warming storyline. Obviously when you look past the dis-belief of some of the plot, and the some of the acting became a little cheesy at times, but both Lohan and Pine were very likeable in there roles and performed relatively well. However despite finding the film reasonably enjoyable, I fear that it would only get tiring after any more views, it is no classic, and is at best an average romantic comedy.