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Jane Fonda won an academy award for her role as New York City prostitute Bree Daniels in Klute. She starred alongside Donald Sutherland in this Mystery thriller with a bit of romance sprinkled in. Donald Sutherlands character was the title name, he played John Klute. This film was made in 1971 and was very dark in places, I do think Sutherland was slightly shafted in the sense he didn’t even get an Oscar nomination.

Detective John Klute needs to find a missing man (whom he actually was friends with) and the only connection so far is a prostitute by the name of Bree Daniels. Bree has been getting persistent “silent phone calls” and believes she is being followed & Klute blackmails her into helping him. Klute falls for her and she has a strange “feeling” for him that she doesn’t seem to understand.

I actually really enjoy Klute, it’s one of those that you really have to watch to appreciate the intensity and emotion involved. The ending is pretty cool but I won’t reveal too much and spoil it for you. I thought both actors were really good and Jane Fonda was well deserving of the Oscar she won for her portrayal of Bree Daniels.