Last Night

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Last Night follows the intertwining lives of a couple and two others who could complicate things for them very much. Joanna (Knightley) and Michael (Worthington) are happily married, but he often leaves for long periods of time to do work while she holds the fort at home. She questions whether he is attracted to his co-worker Laura (Mendes), but eventually dismisses the idea and waves him off on a work trip with her. However, temptation strikes – for Michael in the form of Laura, to whom he is indeed attracted, and for Joanna in the form of Alex (Canet), her ex who just happens to have arrived in town for a short while.

What follows is the personal battles of each side of the couple to resist temptation, and the fight of the other two to draw them in to it. Through subtle touches we see things that divide Joanna and Michael: the way they refer to one another, the way they get dressed, how they act when they are angry, and eventually the telling decisions that they make. By the end of Last Night all is no longer happy and settled, though perhaps not both of them are aware of it.

This is an interesting film and certainly has plenty of eye candy for both genders, but while Joanna and Alex’s story actually has real merit and interest, that of Laura and Michael is somewhat throwaway and cliche. There are a few notable goofs too, but you will find that it at least provides something a little different to the normal romantic drama. Rather than watching a relationship grow, we learn about Joanna and Michael’s love by watching the things that threaten to tear it apart, and that is what really makes this an entertaining and intriguing watch – though the after-taste is almost forgettable.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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