Licence To Kill

By 23rd February 2012 No Comments

Day 16 in our “20 Days of 007” marks the second and final appearance of Timothy Dalton in a Bond film.

Dalton returns in Licence to Kill, which turns out to be the most violent Bond film to date. Co starring as villain Franz Sanchez is Robert Davi who does this to perfection and is probably responsible for the films success. Robert Davi began his career as a guest star in many TV shows throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, including such delights as TJ Hooker and The A Team. He got his movie break in “The Goonies” and also made memorable appearances in “Die Hard” and “Raw Deal”.

CIA agent Felix Leiter is tortured and left for dead with his wife actually killed after his earlier attempt at arresting international drug lord Franz Sanchez had failed. So James Bond 007 hands in his licence to kill (see where the name comes from?) and goes on a personal vendetta to avenge the death of his friend’s newly wed.

I enjoyed Licence To Kill but it turned into more of an 1980’s action movie more than what I would refer to as a Bond film. Robert Davi was excellent as the psychotic villain while Dalton did a far better job as 007 than in his début.