Little Man

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Little Man is written and directed by the same team that brought us such classics as White Chicks and the first two Scary Movie films. Keenon Ivory Wayans takes the directors chair, and he co-wrote the film with Marlon and Shawn Wayans, who both also have starring roles. Unfortunately, despite grossing $100,000,000 worldwide, the film flopped; it has been subject to very harsh criticism and completely torn apart by critics who hail it as one of the worst films of 2006. The scenes with Calvin Sims were shot twice, once with nine year old “dwarf actor” Linden Porco and then with Marlon Wayans using a “bluescreen” technique with green background and green clothes. In post-production Porco’s head on the images were replaced by that of Marlon Wayans.

Calvin Sims (Marlon Wayans) is a 2′8″ criminal; he’s just come out of prison and already has another “job” on the brain. When he successfully steals a valuable diamond from the jewellery store the police are soon on his trail. Whilst on the run Sims stashes the diamond into a woman’s bag, and loses the police. When he finds and follows the lady who now unknowingly has his diamond back to her house, he devises a plan to infiltrate the house and get the jewel back. Calvin pretends to be a young toddler/baby, who has been left outside the house of Darryl and Vanessa Edwards (Shawn Wayans and Kerry Washington), who take him in for the weekend believing that he’s an abandoned child. Gaving recently bickered about having a little man of their own, the maternal instincts soon take over and both “mama” and “dadda” enjoy being parents for the weekend. Unfortunately Calvin still has to have that diamond, but does care for and respect Darryl and Vanessa; he never knew his own parents, and they make him feel loved. Will he take the diamond and run? Or will he make amends for what he’s done?

Despite Little Man receiving extremely harsh criticism I found this heart warming comedy to be very entertaining. It doesn’t come anywhere near towards same standards as White Chicks, but this film isn’t terrible, far from it. I found myself laughing hysterically at some scenes when I took the entire concept with a pinch of salt. Okay, the baby films have been done-to-death, but this is far superior to the likes of John Travolta’s “Look who’s talking” films and Ted Danson’s “Three men and a baby”. I enjoyed this film a lot, and remain a fan of the Wayans Brother films. I hope that this horrible criticism they have received doesn’t stop them making more hilarious feel-good films. If I had to point out one criticism, it would be Shawn Wayans; his acting was quite disappointing, especially when compared to his usually hilarious characters.