Live and Let Die

By 15th February 2012 No Comments

Roger Moore’s first outing as James Bond, Live and Let Die, is the subject is discussion for the eighth day in our “20 days of 007” feature.

Roger Moore was considered for the role of James Bond in 1962 when Dr. No was first in production; however commitments to television show “The Saint” made him unavailable at the time. As we all know Sean Connery took the series to international stardom, George Lazenby then played the British super spy to be replaced by a “returning” Sean Connery in Diamonds Are Forever. However Diamonds was a “one off” return for Connery, allowing for Roger Moore to step in for Live and Let Die.

When three British agents all investigating drug smuggling are killed under suspicious circumstances James Bond is sent to investigate. It seems that each murder is connected to both Harlem crime boss, Mr. Big, and an international diplomat called Kananga. Bond not only discovers sexy psychic Solitaire, but also elaborate plans to flood the U.S. mainstream with billions of dollars worth of heroin.

Unfortunately Roger Moore’s bond d├ębut wasn’t very good, at least in my opinion; the plot does tend to drag, as does the action. Despite the occasional quirk of humour and the excellent theme tune by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, Live and Let Die is an extremely below average film, especially by Bond standards. Whilst it is not completely unwatchable, it does verge on the side of tediousness after repeated viewings.