Lucky Number Slevin

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Lucky Number Slevin is a 2006 action/mystery film written by Jason Smilovic, directed by Paul McGuigan and starring Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ban Kingsley, Lucy Lui, Stanley Tucci and Bruce Willis. The movie is a retelling in contemporary times of the main plot elements of Akira Kurosawa’s film Yojimbo (1961), (and thus Sergio Leone’s 1964 film, A Fistful of Dollars). Hartnett and Willis also starred together in 2005’s Sin City.

Lucky Number Slevin is set in New York City, and the plot focuses on the paths of Slevin Kelevra (Hartnett), Lindsey (Liu), two feuding crime bosses known as the Boss (Freeman) and the Rabbi (Kingsley), and a mysterious assassin known as Mr. Goodkat (Willis). When Slevin is mistakenly identified as a man called Nick Fisher, who owes both The Boss and The Rabbi money, he has a predicament on his hands as he is not currently in possession $90,000 and therefore must pay his debts some other way.

The Boss asks him to assassinate The Rabbi’s homosexual son to relieve the debt, however The Rabbi just wants the money. Meanwhile creepy assassin Mr. Goodkat is drifting between the two bosses, playing the field. Along the way Slevin gets assistance in the form of Lindsey, an eccentric coroner who has seen one too many Colombo episodes.

Lucky Number Slevin has a great plot to it, with many twists and turns that keep you hooked throughout. There are elements of dark comedy thrown into the mix, and done to a very stylish degree. All the acting is of a very high standard, and the script is brilliant, with some very good dialogue. Josh Hartnett was very good, and has proved to be more than capable of playing various roles, and he doesn’t disappoint in this great little thriller.