Marathon Man

By 17th October 2007 No Comments

Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier and Roy Scheider shine in this 1976 thriller. Laurence Olivier really does show his acting capabilities in the role as Nazi Dr. Christian Szell, the role doesn’t call for a physical part, he is tremendous with his screen presence alone never mind the delivery and execution of each line.

A history student (Dustin Hoffman) ends up stuck in the middle of an international conspiracy involving his brother (Roy Scheider), stolen diamonds and a Nazi war criminal. Including one of the most agonising torture scenes I’ve ever witnessed, with the infamous phrase “is it safe?” it’ll send chills down your spine whenever you take a trip to the dentist.

Marathon ManĀ is a great thriller, with an intriguing plot and some top quality acting and film-making on show.