Men In Black 3

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Okay, so Men in Black 3… Wow. How do I even begin to write an informative piece on this incredible work of cinematic awesomeness?

I must start off by immediately declaring my unfair bias towards the MIB series; after having seen the first instalment way back in 1997, I was instantly hooked on the concept of a secret organisation monitoring all of the solar system’s alien activity. The idea was radically different to anything we had seen at the time, where instead of killing or being killed by these extra terrestrial beings, we are in fact working in unison with them to better the lives of all parties.

Naturally, we kick off the third film in the trilogy (so far) being introduced to both veteran Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and the now senior Agent J (Will Smith). Unfortunately two of the best characters in the series were this time around absent, these being the Men in Black big dog Zed (Rip Torn) and the loveable talking pug Frank (Tim Blaney). Thankfully these beloved individuals have been replaced with Nicole Scherzinger, and I kid you not, Lady Gaga. Although her appearance was not officially credited, Ms Germanotta can be seen clear as day during at least two background cameos. American radio host Howard Stone also makes a very brief appearance, though blink and you’ll miss it.

Don’t let these curious casting choices put you off the scent however, because the bulk of the formula which made the first two so wildly popular has been kept exactly the way it is known to work. The two agents are once again teaming up to fight an imminent alien threat which seeks to destroy planet Earth; only this time they have the added element of time travel to contend with.

Without giving too much away, the premise is such that our hero Jay must jump back through time to the late 1960s in a race against… Err, time, to prevent impending doom for all of the universe. Men in Black 3 is a far more “adult” film than it’s predecessors, and whilst the general storyline can easily be compared to others in the genre, I have to admit the ending was a genuine surprise even for me.

Despite a few minor flaws in the time travel logic, this made for a very enjoyable two hours; so much so, in fact, I watched it twice.

My best advice? Leave just as the credits begin to role. There is nothing to been seen in the way of previews, and in leaving quickly you avoid listening to the absolute disaster of a theme tune courtesy of our good friend Pitbull. Don’t let that put you off seeing Men In Black 3 though, there have been far worse tie-ins over the years.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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