Monster High: Ghouls Rule

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The Monster High: Ghouls Rule DVD would make the perfect choice for watching at Halloween or at any other time for that matter. It is based around Monster High, the school for monsters, and the plot revolves around Frankie Stein’s very first Halloween. Frankie Stein is one of the main characters in Monster High – she’s Dr Frankenstein’s daughter.

To make the idea of Halloween easier for younger viewers to understand the DVD also has a very brief fictional history of the spooky holiday.

The Plot

Frankie has been reading a magazine that tells her that on Halloween the ‘normies’ (normal kids who are not monsters) all try to attack monsters, which makes Frankie want to find out more. On Halloween some normies play pranks on the school but Frankie is still not too sure about them, so she goes in search of the answers to her questions in the catacombs that are underneath the school.

As she is doing this she gets Cleo (a friend of hers, Cleo is the daughter of the Mummy) and some of the other characters to help her and things start to get out of hand when they pull pranks on the normies and have to hide out at a normie party. They even end in a secret room which is located between the monsters and the normies at one point and these scenes are a lot of fun! All of this leads to them making friends with the normies and Frankie comes up with a way that everyone can get on with each other. They realise that they are not all that different really and everyone should be able to be friends even though they are not all the same.

This is the kind of message that Monster High tries to get across all of the time and it really works in this DVD which is a good thing.

The storyline of the DVD is easy to understand which means that even young Monster High fans will love it as well as older fans (and adults). The pace of the storyline is quite fast which means that it holds the attention of the viewer, which can sometimes be a problem with children’s films.

DVD Extras

As well as the main feature-length Ghouls Rule film the DVD has some extras which are really good. The main extras are three episodes of Monster High that are in the same format as the webisodes. The additional episodes have not been shown on the internet as yet which will be good news for fans. These are a good touch as many DVDs only have the main film and a few trailers. There is a trailer for a new Monster High double feature and this looks really great too.

Anyone into Monster High will enjoy Ghouls Rule and the mini episodes that come with it as they are fun and easy to follow for people of all ages.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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