Pale Rider

By 26th November 2007 No Comments

Clint Eastwood returns to the “saddle” after nine years away from the western genre. His last western was The Outlaw Josey Wales, and here he returns to direct and star in Pale Rider.

An extremely mysterious preacher rides into a town in which he ends up protecting from a greedy landowner and his hired sheriff who are trying to run the people out of town. A series of events occur including a 14 year old with a crush on the preacher, and the mystery behind a preacher with a fast draw and a mean stare.

Pale Rider has a good plot but it’s dragged out to an outrageous running time of 125 minutes. The film seriously needs an injection of tempo, to beef up the action because as I said there’s a good plot but slow action. The ending is however well worth the wait.