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Action director John Woo, who has directed such films as Mission Impossible 2 and Face/Off brings this Sci-fi, mystery, action thriller starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman. Aaron Eckhart plays the villain in this fast paced film accompanied by a very good story, although does remind you of a lot of recent films such as The Bourne Identity, which may be the reason for it’s box office failure.

Michael Jennings (Affleck) is a reverse engineer who routinely has his recent memories erased after working on high-tech projects. He is often helped by his friend Shorty (Giamatti). He agrees to take on a project for James Rethrick (Eckhart), his old college room-mate and close personal friend; Rethrick is CEO of Allcom. All Jennings is told is that he is to design something for three years in exchange for $92 million at Allcom’s high-security facility.

Jennings meets and falls in love with Dr. Rachel Porter (Thurman), an Allcom biologist. However, after working for three years on the secret project, he wakes up with his memory erased and learns that he signed away his huge paycheck, and is left only with an envelope of personal effects – most of which aren’t even his. Now he discovers people want him dead, and the envelope is the only link to what he cannot remember, so he has to piece the puzzle together before it’s too late.

Although Paycheck does have many similarities to The Bourne Identity, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute right up until the ending. I personally thought the ending ruined the film, being very over the top. I mean over the top in every sense of the word, action, cliché and how everything always gets wrapped up in a nice little package with the last five minutes. Apart from this, and the fact it is far from John Woo’s best work, I did like the film.

Is Paycheck worth purchasing? Yes, absolutely!