Repo Men

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Repo Men follows the tale of two men who work for a company that supplies artificial organs to those in need of transplants. You can also get upgrades, like enhanced vocal chords or colour-changing eyes, but be careful – if you fall behind on the payments, the repo men will come and reclaim your organs in brutal home surgery style. Remy (Law) falls foul of the company himself when his new mechanical heart makes him realise just what it must be like for those he hacks up, and when his inability to perform his job means that he falls behind on his own repayments, it is his long time partner Jake (Whitaker) who must come to repossess the organ. With Remy also trying to protect a homeless singer named Beth (Braga), the stakes are high and a game of cat and mouse ensues.

Whitaker is fantastic in the role of the confused friend, simply unable to understand why Remy cannot just go on as before. Leiv Schreiber also stands out as the passionless, cold and impatient boss who dogs the pair every step of the way, and though Law’s narrations style may promote unfavourable comparisons to that previous flop of his, Alfie, it manages to push through this handicap to become quite enjoyable. The twist ending will pull the rug from under your feet in a spectacular way, turning everything around and reminding you about how modern society really works – harking back to Jake’s earlier speech about rules and enforcers.

Be warned though that Repo Men is quite a gory film – they are not shy about showing you the organs being repossessed or surgery being done, so it is probably not the best of films to enjoy with a meal – particularly if that meal happens to involve certain fleshy elements! The scene with the scanners in particular is harrowing, as you cannot even imagine the pain the characters must be feeling.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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