Rocky IV

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Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed and starred in Rocky IV, as he did before, and in terms of box-office takings, Rocky IV is by far the most successful having grossed $127 million dollars in the USA and over $300 million dollars worldwide. Therefore despite being savaged by critics and completely slated, it’s clear from the statistics that this film is adored by the public. The fight sequence between Rocky (Stallone) and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) was completely choreographed by Stallone, who was insistent upon the use of real fighting, and due to the power of Lundgren’s punches Stallone was rushed to hospital after being punched in the heart causing it to temporarily swell up. Talia Shire returns as Adrian with Burt Young as Paulie.

After defeating Clubber Lang and back on top form, Rocky is living life to the full, however when a boxer from the Soviet Union comes to America in order to box professionally there is tension among the people. Despite being retired for five years and now being Rocky’s trainer, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) decides to take on Ivan Drago in an exhibition fight. Apollo ignores Rocky’s word of warning and meets tragic consequences at the hands of the Russian, this causes Rocky to once again defy the odds and challenge Drago himself. A great training montage in Russia is followed by one of the most entertaining fights ever filmed; the film also contains a truly marvellous soundtrack.

Despite being very far away from the brilliant drama that the first film contained, Rocky IV is great fun, and is an extremely entertaining and inspirational film. To defy the odds to this extent is obviously far-fetched as technically Rocky could’ve died, and to even have strength to stand up would have been questionable, let alone make a whole speech. However Rocky IV is top quality entertainment and as always the character is extremely inspirational to everybody of any age or sex.