Run Lola Run

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Run Lola Run, or Lola Rennt as it is known by its original title, is a German film from back in 1998 that follows the trials and exploits of our red haired heroine, Lola. She hears from her boyfriend, Manni, that he has accidentally lost 100,000 Deutschmarks and now owes that figure to his criminal boss, who is not to be crossed if he wants to make it out of this situation alive.

After a short cartoon sequence that shows her running down the stairs, she sets off across the city to try and solve the situation. We are treated to three different scenarios through the movie, each one restarting from the cartoon sequence as she tries another tack to get the money, save Manni, and somehow make it through the situation without being arrested or killed.

The format of Run Lola Run is very interesting, with the repetition becoming quite familiar and entertaining as we recognise again the same elements recurring. It is also really interesting to see little flashes of how other characters are affected by the events of each plot: one example is a woman with a pushchair who Lola runs by at the start of each sequence, who through her different reactions to being bumped into experiences different fortunes later in life. However, that is not to say that the sequences are completely separate from one another: In the first Lola learns how to use a gun, then in the second she knows how to use it without having to be told, meaning that she has learnt something despite starting over.

It is possible to consider the sequences like different lives in a video game, where she gets to have one more try to see how things will work out. Run Lola Run offers a very interesting concept, and one that plays out well here – though it is probably not for everyone.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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