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Saw is now back on our screens in the autumn of 2006, this being the third instalment of the successful horror series. The original Saw is clearly the best and quite frankly one of the best horror films of recent years. However unlike most other horror films with a load of sequels, the Saw series haven’t disappointed us by destroying what was originally a good idea.

In Saw III Jigsaw and his accomplice Amanda are up to more brutal games in what is a stomach churning blood bath. A doctor is kidnapped to ensure Jigsaw remains alive as his illness reaches critical condition; while Amanda puts a grieving father through a series of horrifying “tests” to see how far he’s willing to take his vengeance.

Although Saw III isn’t spectacular, providing you enjoy the horror genre it is still entertainment at it’s very highest. I have personally enjoyed all three films and absolutely love the twists that are present throughout the series.