Scream 2

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Scream 2 follows on where the first movie left off. Poor old Sid has moved on from her ill fated home-town  and now attends university at Windsor College. However, we would not be seeing a movie if something was not about to go down, and unfortunately for the rest of the kids on campus it looks like somebody wants to carry out a series of copycat killings following the pattern created by Billy and Stu the first time around. After a few murders around the release of ‘Stab’, a movie based on Gale Weathers’ book about the Woodsboro killings, everyone flocks to the town, along with some old faces. Once Sid, Randy, Dewey, Gale, and Cotton Weary are all gathered in Windsor, the games can truly begin, as once again our protagonists face a race against time to find out who the new ghost-face is – or are.

The stand out performances in Scream 2 come from Randy, who once again gives us all the clues we need to solve the mystery before going on a lengthy rant about how lame it is to imitate a teenage serial killer, and Dewey, now limping and holding his arm awkwardly as a result of the nerve damage he suffered at Woodsboro. The budding romance between him and Gale is brilliant, as they continually break off to stare dreamily into one-anothers’ eyes and he attempts to become the dashing leading man. There is a lot of blood and the drama of the murders goes up, as predicted by Randy, though of course “by definition alone, sequels are inferior films!”.

Scream 2 is a worthy successor to the first film, and it gives the series a certain sustainability by switching things up a little while still keeping the format that we love. As ever it is the audience’s job to work out whodunnit, but you might find yourself too swept up in the humour to try and work it out!

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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