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Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy star in this great little “buddy cop” film, Rene Russo co-stars and legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner makes a hilarious cameo, as himself. The chemistry between De Niro and Murphy isn’t fantastic, but they work reasonably well off of one another, the humour is quite sharp, what with De Niro’s one liners and wit combined with Eddie Murphy’s usual comedic act.

Detective Mitch Preston (Robert De Niro) is a hard nosed cop who takes no nonsense and his job very seriously. However after shooting a news camera during a bust he is forced to do a reality TV show called “Showtime” this involves him having a partner, unfortunately for Mitch they have chosen the one person he didn’t want. Trey Sellers is a patrol officer who is also a struggling actor awaiting his big break, Showtime turns out to be that break. Mitch reluctantly works with Trey with hilarious consequences and an eventual bond that brings out the unlikeliest of friendships. William Shatner is on set in a particular scene and proves to be hilarious, he is the advisor for the two rookies and shows them just how TJ Hooker would have done it.

Both De Niro and Murphy aren’t on top form here, it is an amusing film and has some very funny moments but we can expect better from both actors. Don’t get me wrong, I like Showtime a lot, but I believe it lacked the input to make it a great comedy. When a cameo from William Shatner is the funniest thing about a film you know there are some problems.