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Keanu Reeves stars in a post Bill & Ted and pre Matrix role. Speed is a high octane action film, and co-stars Sandra Bullock after her part in 1993’s Demolition Man, which starred Sylvester Stallone. Legendary actor Dennis Hopper plays the villain, Hopper has starred in such films as Easy Rider and Apocalypse Now, he also made a notable appearance as the villain in the 1st series of hit T.V. show “24″.

Speed is an action thriller in which LA cop Jack Travern (Keanu Reeves) has to save the passengers on board a bus, as this particular bus has a bomb attached to it which is rigged to explode if the bus goes under 50 mph. This criminal master plan is devised by Howard Payne, a man on a mission of revenge against the country and against Jack. Howard has set-up this bomb in an elaborate attempt to hold the city of LA to ransom.

However far-fetched it may be, Speed is great fun, and puts you on the edge of your seat as we see Jack and Annie (Sandra Bullock) encounter disaster after disaster. It’s a great action film that is typically 90s in it’s style, and the execution is top-notch. Highly recommended even if for Dennis Hopper alone.