Summer League

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Believe it or not this is only the second indie film we’ve ever had the privilege of featuring on the Nerdscoop website (the first being Evil Aliens way back in 2006) but I for one would love to make a more significant effort to review more!

With that out of the way I present an independent Texas-shot film by the name of Summer League, which follows the story of a young woman known as Allie (Danielle Evon Ploeger) as she travels back to her childhood home for the summer leading up to her final year of college. Allie isn’t back for long however before tragedy strikes, leaving her alone in the inherited home in which she grew up; after a period of emotional pain and soul-searching she is convinced by her life-long best friend Kenzie (Kelsey Thomas) to join the small town’s softball league “The Browncoats” where she seems to have finally found something to help move on with life.

As a non-American the softball aspect of Summer League admittedly meant very little, but in the context of Allie’s story I couldn’t help but be completely sucked in especially with the help of the film’s excellent albeit relatively unknown soundtrack (details here). So yes, I can say I truly enjoyed Summer League and look forward to whatever director Lex Lybrand has to offer us in the future.

The flick had its première around a month ago at the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane in Austin Texas, but if you’re inclined and in the area you can drop by the Arizona Film Festival on April 20th for the first full screening outside of Texas. More information can be found on the official website or Facebook page.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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