Terminator 2: Judgment Day

By 18th February 2009 No Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to his most famous role as the Terminator in what has to be one of the best sequels to a movie ever made. There are only the elite films that make this category (of best sequels of all time) and Terminator 2 is definitely there.

Having failed to kill Sarah Connor in 1984; the machines decide to send a more advanced Terminator in the T-1000 (as brought to life by the superbly cast Robert Patrick) to strike at resistance leader John Connor, while he is a teenager. So to counter act this “hit” the humans send the T-800 (Arnold) to protect John Connor, his mother and to prevent Judgment Day.

The plot is easily as good as the original and the special effects have obviously been improved, making Terminator 2 a very worthy sequel indeed. It does bother me slightly that Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is perhaps a little too psycho, but this is more than made up for by the excellent Mr Schwarzenegger.

Also worthy of note is that Terminator 2 gets an injection of humour, which I feel the first one lacked. In short, I loved it.