Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

By 23rd March 2011 No Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in Terminator 3, the third instalment of the popular action sci-fi movie series. Director of the previous two Terminator films, James Cameron, didn’t lend his hand to this one but did contribute as one of the writers. Directorial duties fell into the very capable hands of John Mostow who also directed action movie U-571.

John Connor (Nick Stahl) is now a 20 year old man, and has deleted all records of himself while travelling light, working cash in hand, and generally staying well and truly off the grid, living a life of almost complete solitude. Despite believing that they had “sorted out” the Terminator problem 10 years ago he still believes in the possibility of another encounter one day. He was right about this of course, and Terminator 3 introduces us to a far more advanced machine, the T-X (or Terminatrix). This feminine killer cyborg has been sent back in time to annihilate John and his future wife who will lead the human resistance to eventual victory over the machines in the future.

Once again a “good” Terminator is sent to protect the humans and prevent the eventual fall of mankind. However, despite their best efforts to prevent a war, John discovers that it is, in fact, inevitable. You’ll probably get some serious Agent Smith vibes from this part of the film, but bare with me.

Despite the very welcome return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the role he was born to play, alongside some truly breathtaking action and special effects, Terminator 3 quite frankly feels like it was just an excuse to exploit a popular franchise in order to make as much money out of loyal fans as possible. The folks responsible should have jumped straight to the war of man vs. machine and avoided unnecessary back tracking and re-invention of the same thing.