The Flight of the Phoenix

By 26th February 2006 No Comments

This pulse pounding adventure movie really does impress considering it’s age. The Flight of the Phoenix stars James Stewart as pilot Frank Towns and he’s joined by Richard Attenborough as his first mate (so to speak) Lew Moran. It’s survival of the fittest and the determination to actually succeed, and it’s the fact that it’s done so well and acted so perfectly that make this movie a hit.

A plane crashes in the Sahara desert due to a severe sandstorm. With approximatley a dozen men and limited water and food, chances of survival after a couple of weeks look very grim. However one of the passengers claims to be an aeroplane designer and is confident that the group can build another flight craft from the wreckage. With men gradually deteriorating it’s a battle against time and as I said before “Survival of the fittest”.

Okay so it’s a little far-fetched to say the least and the fact they actually pull it off is probably even more so. However the acting was superb, James Stewart was excellent and Richard Attenborough (who i normally dislike) was very good aswell. It was re-made in 2004 with Dennis Quaid, which I intend on reviewing in the near future; it should be quite interesting to compare them.