The Hills Have Eyes

By 26th October 2008 No Comments

This remake of Wes Craven’s original is very good next to some of the more recent “horror hopefuls” with perhaps the exception of the Saw trilogy there hasn’t been too much to really shout about in this genre of recent years. I personally haven’t seen the original yet but after seeing this I certainly will, it has a lot of gore which in my opinion is very good when used correctly, which this certainly is.

A family on their way to California by car, break down in the middle of nowhere. They believe that they’re all alone however there is genetically mutated “beasts” in the hills. One by one they’re killed off (in a very gory fashion) until there’s only three left and a dog, one of them decides to fight back as his baby was stolen.

I enjoyed The Hills Have Eyes, despite the ending being far-fetched in the sense that there is no way they should have survived. They did leave it open for a sequel which is currently being filmed. I did enjoy it and as I said it is a cut above most recent horrors.