The Invasion

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If you are looking for a sci-fi thriller with big name stars and an intriguing storyline, The Invasion is the one for you. Set in a time when alien visitors have entered and taken over the minds of human beings, and wait for a chance to infect the entire world – you only have to fall asleep to make your transformation complete – they will make the world a utopia of calm beings with no stress, no crime, and only efficient working and perfect family relationships.

Standing in the way of them and total domination, however, is a small group of determined hold outs led by Nicole Kidman’s character, who spends most of the film searching for her lost son – a boy who is immune to the alien infection.

The primary source of tension here is in the eerie silence and composure of those that have been invaded, and the act that Kidman and Craig must put on to avoid being detected as still owning their own minds. The idea of losing control over your life in that way is one that has fascinated audiences ever since the first appearance of the ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ story, and perhaps film sense dictates that comparing this version to the other three feature length films is pointless.

Taking it in its own right, The Invasion comes across as an imperfect movie that suffered from the overbearing hands of producers who did not agree with the director’s vision, but is still entertaining and a good watch. Craig puts in a great performance, and this is probably just about the only time that it is fully acceptable for Kidman to employ her favoured wooden ice queen act. In that sense she is perfect for the role, and the underlying unhappiness of the ending raises some very interesting questions about human nature.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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