The Living Daylights

By 22nd February 2012 No Comments

It’s day fifteen of our “20 days of 007”, and this time we witness Timothy Dalton step into the role of James Bond 007 for the first time in 1987’s The Living Daylights. Co starring Maryam d’Abo and Joe Don Baker this film received mixed expectations and reviews before and after its release.

During a training operation, a “00” agent is unexpectedly murdered. When British agent James Bond organises the defection of a top ranking Soviet general, the general divulges a plan by the KGB to kill all its enemy agents. Bond is suspicious of the plot, but nevertheless is ordered to kill the KGB officer masterminding the operation. The story doesn’t progress much beyond that, which is disappointing because it started off so well.

Overall, I think that The Living Daylights is a film you either love or hate, and to be perfectly honest I personally hate it with a fiery passion from the depths of my stomach. Despite the nostalgia factor associated with the James Bond franchise I just can’t find anything positive to say about the story, characters, or even the scenery. Okay, maybe the music is worth considering but it wouldn’t be Bond without that at the very least.

The plot is lacking any form of depth, as are the characters, and don’t get me started on Dalton’s portrayal of 007. If you ever thought Daniel Craig was a poor choice for Bond then you obviously don’t remember Mr Dalton’s performances.